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Welcome to the new Artistic Distinctions Home! This is home to:
Web Art, AD1 and AD2 :-)

Artistic Distinction is proud to introduce the tutorial Authors which have joined together to teach you all we can about Paint Shop Pro and different types of art.

These are in no particular order.
I have taken down a lot of links due to websites closing...

Sharron Doodles by LadyFox
Connie Designs by Astro
Debbie Kreative Expressionz
Toni Toni's Graphics
Vera Vera's Sense


Artistic Distinction is divided into two different groups, both situated on this website. Both groups are a work at your own pace type group with no pressures as to how many tutorials you do. We all know realistic life comes first. Our goal is to bring out the Artist in each of you in an easy paced happy atmosphere. UPDATE: All groups are now together.

Artistic Distinction is the original group for those who are intermediate seasoned Paint Shop Pro users who want to paint more realistic subjects. We do from landscapes, floral, people, buildings, wildlife, to everything in between. Most the tutorials are on the harder side and very detailed. If you are looking for more challenging tutorials, then this is the group for you. This is a paid membership group due to the amount of work put into each tutorial.

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Redoing entire website so closed to new members until done revamping.

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